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 This Year's Maze Celebrates Dolls

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Everyone’s favorite family game. Maize-O-Poly comes to life at Happy Day Farm as you and your family navigate your way through our corn maze in search of each square on your Maize-O-Poly game board.

Earn the most $ and become “Farmer of the Ear”.

Corn Text

Have a blast texting our intelligent question master as he texts you back with questions related to our corn maze. Answer them correctly, and he will text you back with a hint on which way to turn.

Corn Maze History, 2012 - Present

Each year over 10 acres of the farm is transformed into a maze with 3 miles of pathways and a lookout bridge. Find your way through by taking a photo of our maze map upon entering. The maze includes 2 paths: a shorter one (15 min - 25 min) for youngsters, and a more challenging one (45 min - 60 min)

for the maze enthusiasts.

Voted one of America's TOP 10 Corn Mazes

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